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7 Tips on Managing your 9-5 with your Small Business

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Juggling a full-time job and business is no easy feat. While it is great to have multiple streams of income, it can take a while for one to properly adjust, and not burnout while at it.

Aside from having multiple streams of income, most individuals who run their business with a 9-5 do so to make it easy when transitioning fully into business, by testing the waters before taking that big leap. This is commendable and wise; however, navigating both worlds requires intentionality.

Because beyond work, you also have a life, right? You want to create time for your family, go out with friends, and do other important things you love. So, how does one balance it all?

This article would provide all the answers you need. Let’s dive in.

7 Tips on Effectively Managing Your 9-5 with Your Small Business

Set goals and have a plan


The first thing is to set goals and plan on what you would be doing for your business per time. This could be monthly, weekly, or daily.           

For example, you can set goals like “create 3 social media content for my business, make 10 cold calls or send 10 cold emails to people I want to work with, batch produce some of my products, etc.” 

This would give you clarity on what to do per time to move your business forward. Little drops can become a big ocean if you are consistent!

Create a daily routine to stay disciplined

Discipline is the key here. Without being disciplined, juggling your 9-5 with a business would be difficult. And it starts with having a structure and routine around your day and sticking to it.

A routine could mean waking up by 5 am, to work on your business till 6 am before preparing to leave for your 9-5. It could also mean using your lunch break at work to create content for your business. Creating a routine and staying committed to it would help you more than you can imagine.

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Create boundaries for office work

To build a great business while working a 9-5, create boundaries for office work. This simply means office work should remain at the office, while you focus on your business at home.

To achieve this, set clear boundaries to avoid working overtime without being paid. Thus, enabling you to maximize after-office time for your business. 

This is also saying that Netflixing after work would be put on hold for a while. Yeah! You need to put in those extra hours and make them count for something.

young man working on a laptop; managing your 9-5 with your business
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Maximize weekends, public holidays, and work leave

Asides from creating boundaries to prevent office work from eating into non-work hours, you must also maximize your weekends, public holidays, and official leave from work.

After working for your boss from Monday to Friday, dedicate tangible time to work for your business on weekends and public holidays. This gives you time to test the waters and see how things would pan out when you eventually decide to launch fully. 

Also, take that official leave you’ve been postponing, to grow your business and get adequate rest.

Have a support system

A solid support system is key in this journey. Imagine having to care for a child less than 2 years, working a 9-5, and running a business on the side. Without a support system, one would collapse sooner or later. 

A support system can be a supportive partner who relieves you of certain duties when you have a lot on your plate, family and trusted friends who offer to have your kids over for the weekend, friends who offer to help out with tasks, etc.

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Join a business community: 

The entrepreneurial journey is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, wins and failures, challenges and victories.

Expectation versus reality when managing your 9-5 with a business

Trust me, you don’t want to walk that journey alone. So, joining a community of go-getters with similar values, goals, and challenges is non-negotiable. 

At our business community, we provide the support you need in terms of expert knowledge, credit, community support, business resources, etc. to grow your business from hustle to portfolio. Joining us gives you access to the support system you need to grow your business enough to quit your 9-5.

Take breaks to avoid burnout 

You should have a life beyond work!

Because while it is great to crush it at work and business, you need to pay attention to the other things in your life. And succeeding at this requires that you pace yourself to avoid burnout.

When you are ill, you won’t be of much use to your employer or business. So, it is important to prioritize your health and other relationships to stay balanced. 

Acing your 9-5 while Building a Profitable Business

“Work on yourself more than you work at a 9-5 or on your business”. That was the first statement a friend said when we discussed this topic, and I find it profound.

It is easy to fall into the trap of working endlessly when you have a 9-5 and business that you forget to invest in yourself. And this can be detrimental to your career and business growth.

So, take out time to invest in yourself by taking courses, attending business seminars, reading books, getting coached, etc. 

Also, before you quit your 9-5 to face your business full-time, ensure that the business is generating enough money to take care of your monthly recurring expenses. This helps you avoid being frustrated and broke while building. 

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